The Watchtower


SEASON 1 (2014)

The zombies are coming. A government experiment gone wrong leads to widespread disease and illness. The sick have an insatiable desire for human brains, and will stop at nothing to get it.

The Varela family is caught right in the middle of this. This family of six is struggling to keep it together, but past hurts won’t let them be in the same room together without blowing up. When Rosemarie, the younger sister, goes missing, a huge rift occurs in the family, with one group deciding to venture out and search, and the other deciding to stay home.

Both groups will face zombie-like creatures as they struggle to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Will they ever join together as a family? Will the fear and regret drive them further apart? Or will the zombies get to them first?

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SEASON 2 (2015)

The exciting continuation of The Watchtower follows the Varela family as they struggle to survive a world filled with strange, zombie-like creatures. While we didn’t see many zombies in Season 1, that’s all about to change!

Episode 02.01

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