The Wall


Asher lives in a secluded town, where any mention of the Hill Country outside is forbidden. When his new friend reveals a hidden side to his town, Asher is forced to rethink everything he knows about the world outside.

Episode 1: “Come back with me. Away from the wall. There is nothing to see here.”

Episode 2: “The afterlife is where true life begins.”

Episode 3: Jordan stared at Asher and sighed. “My friend, if only you had eyes to see.”

Episode 4: Generations of thinkers and leaders were bred here, leaving behind a legacy of excellence and success.

Episode 5: His foot suddenly rested on something soft—and yet hard. He looked down. An arm.

Episode 6: Jordan needed to trust his heart and ignore the parts of his mind infected by the leaders of Aversano. That was the only way to escape from the bondage of death and into the freedom of life. It was the only way.

Episode 7: Jordan possessed strength and courage that Asher could only dream of having for himself.

Episode 8: But, if the Giver of Life was so powerful, mighty, and great, why would he lie to his people?