The Study Club


Welcome to The Study Club, where Vicki, a poorly performing student is forced to join a study club, where she falls in love with her upperclassman tutor, Maurice, and tries to fend off the attentions of Xavier, the other club member, at the same time.

Episode 1: “Now, he knew that he had to make at least one friend: a girlfriend.”

Episode 2: “Suddenly, a idea came to her. If she stole his bike, he wouldn’t be able to get home.”

Episode 3: “I know, I know,” she said, wiping her eyes. “Falling in love is not a feature of our relationship.”

Episode 4: “The plant doesn’t have eyes, you dummy. It can’t see no matter which way you position it.”

Episode 5: “A fight to the death!” Dylan took the board from Ethan and set it on the desk. He glared at the others. “Who dares battle, to the death, for his soul?”