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Mary Jane – The True Villain of Spiderman 3


I recently re-watched the old Spiderman movies – you know, the ones with Tobey Maguire?

You can see how much those movies have aged, although it’s not so much the CGI that gives it away, but the sets and costumes.

When you watch all three in a row, like we did, you can see that Spiderman 3 was – hands down – the best of the trilogy.

Spiderman 3 was bigger and longer than any of the other movies – and it boasted a host of unique bad guys: Harry Osborn as the new Green Goblin, the Sandman, and Venom.

You can even go so far as to say the symbiote, was another villain, because it created the Black Suit Spiderman and Venom.

Oh, and then there’s Mary Jane.

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Answer My Prayer

answer-my-prayer-01Answer My Prayer, Sid Hite. 1995.

This book is historically bad.

And by “historically bad”, I mean that it’s been known to be terrible in our house for years.

It’s not even our book: my sister got it in 8th grade and never got a chance to return it before we moved to Puerto Rico.

For a while, she never let me read it, saying it was “terrible”.

The story was lame and the romance was laughable.

And she was right.

At least, that’s what I thought at first.

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Toy Story 3 and Identity

toy-story-01I first saw Toy Story 3 when it came out in 2010. It was kinda emotional because I had grown up with the series, but it was also very entertaining on its own. I practically had to will myself not to cry as Andy played with the toys one last time…

Upon revisiting the Toy Story series a few weeks ago, I was able to look past the shiny graphics and noticed something deeper:

The main characters are all dealing with issues of identity and inherent value.

Toys having identity crises? Here are a few examples:

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The Dark Side of Nancy Drew

haunted-bridge-03My parents bought us a collection of five Nancy Drew books when we were younger, and for a while, I spent most of my time blazing through every Nancy Drew title in the library.

Eventually, though, I got over it, and those books entered the canon of “great books from childhood that I will probably never read again”.

And they would have stayed there, too, if I hadn’t stumbled upon The Haunted Mansion while looking through my brother’s bookshelf.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars came out in 2008. It’s an animated film that takes place between Episodes II and III.

star-wars-obi-wan-eyelashI first watched the Clone Wars when it came out way back in 2008.

We didn’t go to the movies to see it (at least, I don’t recall going), but we most definitely had a copy of it for a few years. I remember my mother putting the movie on to entertain some kids at the Internet Café we owned, so I’m guessing we must’ve at least had a download somewhere.

It’s hard to know what I thought of the movie when it first came out because I didn’t keep a record of anything like that. I did, however, keep a record of what I thought about the TV series that followed the movie: I hated it.

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