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6 Albums That Came Out in 2006

2006 was a great time for music.

That was the year my family moved from New York to Puerto Rico, but it was also the year that our taste in music began a dramatic shift.

Here are 6 of my favorite albums from 2006, plus one of my favorite albums that came out in 2006 but I didn’t hear until a lot later.

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Review: “Life Screams” – Lacey Sturm

[fusion_text]lacey-1Life Screams has been anticipated since the moment Lacey left Flyleaf.

At the time of the announcement, we still had New Horizons which was infused with Lacey’s heart and emotion. But in the years since, there hasn’t really been too much from the Flyleaf camp.

So what about Life Screams? Is it everything I thought it would be?

Here’s a song by song breakdown of the entire album, which I wrote while listening to each individual song.

Shall we get started?

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Concert: James Newton Howard in Miami

jnh-02James Newton Howard is one of my favorite movie composers. He is probably the first composer that I started listening to when I embraced the wide and glorious world of OST.

He’s working in Miami now, in the Frost School of Music, so when he put on a concert, my siblings and I knew we couldn’t miss it.

And, when I looked it up and found this article saying he was going to be talking with M. Night Shyamalan about movies and music, I knew we were going to enjoy ourselves.

So how was the concert? In short: amazing.

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Reaction: Inheritance – Audrey Assad

inheritance-01For her latest independent project, Audrey Assad made an album of hymns.

I’m very big into funding artists that I love from before they even start making the music. Whenever I get the chance, I put some money down, even if it’s only $10. However, I found out about this campaign pretty late in the process, so I wasn’t around for any of the voting that took place. Also, I got to it too late to put more money for some of the cooler rewards (simply because, by that time, I didn’t have any more cash to spend).

But I’ve always loved Audrey Assad, so I put money down knowing that the album was going to be awesome and I would love it.

I wasn’t wrong.

That follows this isn’t a formal review – it’s more of my reaction to hearing the album during the first week. It’s a breakdown of each song and what I thought of them.

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