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I Am Your Mother: Leia Organa

I Am Your Mother is a series of articles on The Cost of Motherhood in a Galaxy, Far, Far Away. Our focus will be on mothers within the movie saga, starting with Princess Leia herself.

Leia Organa bursts onto the scene a hero: she’s hiding stolen information from Darth Vader, the most feared man in the entire galaxy. She watches her entire planet get destroyed but remains loyal to the Rebellion that her father died for. Throughout the Original Trilogy, Leia is a witness to – no, an active participant in – the making of history.

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Should Sirius Black Have Killed Peter Pettigrew?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban focuses a great deal of time misleading its readers to think that Sirius Black has broken out of Azkaban to kill Harry Potter. However, in a shocking twist, it is revealed that his target is none other than Peter Pettigrew – or Scabbers as we’ve come to know him.

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LoZ Playthrough: The Legend of Zelda (Part 1)


I love the Legend of Zelda series, but I’ve never actually played any of them.

Well, I guess it’s fair to say I’ve started several of them, but I’ve never finished them.

After years of saying I was going to finish the games one day, I finally picked up the first game in the series and committed to playing through it.

And not just The Legend of Zelda. In fact, I committed to playing through the entire series, in order of release date.

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Clash Royale (Review)

Bite-sized tower defense game with steadily-increasing challenge.


I know what you’re thinking – Clash Royale is just a rip-off of Clash of Clans!

I know you’re thinking it, because that’s what I thought as well.

But as soon as you install the app, you realize that it’s not Clash of Clans.

Not at all.

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Metroid Fusion (Review)

Engaging, linear action game with tons of replayability and terror – SA-X, I’m looking at you!


If I had to pick a favorite game, it would have to be Metroid Fusion. It was the first game of the Metroid series that I could really get into. And it was the first game that I was good at. I mean really good at.

Granted, I couldn’t beat certain bosses without help (Spider. Security Robot. I’m looking at you.), but I knew every nook and cranny of the world within the game. I knew all the hidden locations, all the hidden upgrades.

On New Years, it’s become my tradition to play through the game in one sitting, and I can play most of it without even thinking.

But the fact that I’ve given Metroid Fusion hundreds of hours of my life isn’t the reason why it’s my favorite. While not the only important factors in a game, three things stand out to me as very important: Story, gameplay, and replayability.

Metroid Fusion excels at all three.

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