A brief explanation of the Hanrue Universe, where all of my stories are set.


The Aversano Research Corporation is infiltrated by a terrorist group who creates a drug to destroy humanity. The drug turns everyone into zombie-like creatures and a huge percentage of Earth’s population is wiped out. The survivors rebuild society and life goes on for another 25 years.

Meanwhile, a group of 8 people are sent to the Sagedell System to rebuild humanity in the stars. Earth is flooded and kills all but a small percentage of people. Soon afterward, humanity is faced with the zombie drug again but manages to survive and eventually rebuilds again.

A group of renegades go to the Sagedell System and over hundreds of years set up the Renegade Empire. Eventually, the Renegade Empire falls and the Sagedell System experiences interplanetary war. The Sagedell System’s existence is later threatened by a Great Evil, but with help of survivors from Earth, the universe is saved.


The timeline is separated into three eras, referred to as Pre-Incident, Incident, and Post-Incident.

Pre-Incident Stories

Havens: Takes place in the Sagedell System, thousands of years in the past. Involves the Stones of Hanrue themselves.

Natalie Campbell: Takes place during (20XX) on Earth. Involves an investigation into the distribution of ARC’s drug.

Misc Stories: These stories take place anytime before the Incident. These are one-off stories that are in this world, but do not intersect with any main characters. Stories such as Ms. KerriStudy Club and The Disconnect fall into this category.

Incident Stories

Stealth Game Project: Takes place during (20XX) on Earth. Killy Hanrue’s origin story. Follows the first test of the drug and its aftermath on the Aversano Research Facility.

The Watchtower: Takes place during (20XX) on Earth. Tells the story of a family trying to survive the aftermath of the Apocalypse.

Post-Incident Stories

Killing Hanrue: Takes place during (20XX) on Earth. Tells the story of Hanrue’s murder and Paige Romano’s rise to prominence.

The Wall: Takes place during (2XXX) on Earth. After the flood, a group of people remain on Earth. Asher exposes a dark secret his people have been hiding.

The Stones of Hanrue Trilogy x3: Takes place in the Sagedell System, far into the future. Corrina Villimond goes on a journey to reclaim the three stones of Hanrue, which she will use to save the universe.