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Month: August 2016

LoZ Playthrough: The Legend of Zelda (Part 1)


I love the Legend of Zelda series, but I’ve never actually played any of them.

Well, I guess it’s fair to say I’ve started several of them, but I’ve never finished them.

After years of saying I was going to finish the games one day, I finally picked up the first game in the series and committed to playing through it.

And not just The Legend of Zelda. In fact, I committed to playing through the entire series, in order of release date.

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Clash Royale (Review)

Bite-sized tower defense game with steadily-increasing challenge.


I know what you’re thinking – Clash Royale is just a rip-off of Clash of Clans!

I know you’re thinking it, because that’s what I thought as well.

But as soon as you install the app, you realize that it’s not Clash of Clans.

Not at all.

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