chop-reviewThis story starts off with a few people heading to an execution of a prisoner who got the death penalty. But to be honest, when the main character, David, began to tell the story in Chapter 1, I completely forgot about that.  He literally starts the story from pre K, and introduces his friend Laci, and later in 6th grade, Greg, and the three become best friends. So we get to see these kids and their friends as they go through middle school and high school.

The reason the book is called Chop Chop is because Laci grows out her hair, gets it cut and donates it to someone with cancer, then grows it out and does the same thing over again. Greg, when he meets David and Laci in 6th grade, decides to do the same thing.

I liked the characters and enjoyed seeing as they grew up, adjusted to middle and high school, went on a mission trip to Mexico, and other things like that. But then, tragedy strikes. And again somehow I was not expecting this but the subtitle clearly says a story of Loss, among other things. So there was a fair amount of crying from that point on. Then the book speeds through until David is a senior in college, which is the only thing that I didn’t like, but I understood why it was done like that.

I’m not gonna say what the tragedy was. You will have to read the book to find out. And I recommend this book with a 5 out of 5 stars! I liked the characters, the story and the messages about friendship and forgiveness. There is no objectionable content, but because of certain elements I would recommend this for older teens or if younger teens with parental guidance because of the “thematic elements”.