Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00010]In the second book in the Saving Wishes series, we pick up the story a year after the end of the first book. Charli and her, to uncomplicate things let’s just say “friend”, Mitchell, have traveled to a few different countries outside of Australia and are currently living in Africa, mostly surfing while working low paying jobs. Charli finally comes to the decision that she needs to see Adam, so she goes to NY, staying in Gabriella’s apartment. But when she finds him, she sees him with another girl, and heartbroken stays in the distance and doesn’t let him see her. Gabriella convinces her to try and stay in NY for a while regardless and enjoy it. So she stays, gets a job as a waitress, and about a month later Adam comes in with his girlfriend. When he sees Charli he runs after her and let’s her know that he had this girlfriend before her met her, but he never loved her and loves Charli. At first he still decides it won’t work between him and Charli, but next thing you know, Adam asks her to marry him and on Christmas Eve they go to City Hall to get married.

So the majority of this book is about trying to adjust to Adam’s way of life as his wife. Because he is filthy rich, and his mother hates her. And so do all his friends. And Charli finds that her life is NY is miserable. Although she eventually get’s Adam’s mother and a couple of his friends to warm up to her, she is just waiting until Adam finishes law school so they can leave.

This book makes you think, is love enough? Can you really be satisfied anywhere if you are with the one you love? Life is more complicated than the simplicity of “we love each other”. And then there is the great class divide between Charli and Adm’s family that is a huge struggle because they all live in a different world. How much familial opposition are you supposed to take, especially when they have such poor reasons of why you should not be together?

This book has more language than the first. Charli and Adam sleep together on many occasions, before and after they are married, but again it is not explicit. I would say that it is also older teen and above, parents guidance strongly suggested, because personally, I wouldn’t let my kids read this book before a certain age (I don’t have any, btw).