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This is the last week I will have to work on Turnabout Inheritance for a while.

I will be going away to Mission Camp for the next two weeks, so I wanted to finish the first draft of the story before then.

And if I want to get that done, I’m going to have to get working, because I am no where near ready.

On Friday, I sat down in the garage and I didn’t leave until I had fleshed out the story completely.

Previously, I had just started writing the story and trying to figure my way from there. However, I ran into severe problems when I kept having to go back and change things along the way. I knew that wasn’t going to be very sustainable for me, so I decided to sit down and figure everything out.

So I did. I figured out what the Prosecution’s argument was (he murdered him with this weapon, at this time, for this reason) and then I started to pick apart that argument (there’s not proof that he¬†used the weapon, he didn’t have a reason, etc.).

I finally settled on the nine testimonies that will occur in the game, and I figured out what pieces of evidence are contradictory. I also organized the game file, so it’s more of a chart than anything else. I think it makes it a little easier to follow certain things like testimonies. If they’re all in a single doc, it can get a little confusing.

So, for now, progress with Turnabout Inheritance is coming along well. I really want to get this first draft complete before the weekend. But I also have a few other things to work on as well that I’ve fallen behind on.

I guess we shall see what comes of it all.

Until next time.