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When you’re creating a visual novel, most of the work has to go into the story. Most visual novels don’t really have a lot of gameplay, but they’re really heavy on the story. Some visual novels have incredibly huge word counts – Clannad, I’m looking at you!

So when it was time to start working on this game, I knew that I had to tell an interesting story.

And when we were deciding what kind of theme to go with, I knew that I wanted to make an Ace Attorney inspired game. At first, I was going to create a unique story without any characters from the Ace Attorney series. I mean, I would use the sprites, but all the names would be changed.

But then I thought it’d be a little weird, so I decided that I would use certain characters, and then just change the names of others when it overlapped.

So, I ended up developing a concept where you played as Apollo Justice right after his first or second case, and he’s facing off against Miles Edgeworth.

Now, I know this probably doesn’t fit well in the timeline, but half of the Ace Attorney series doesn’t fit into its own timeline, so it’s all right.

When it came to choosing what story I wanted to tell, the Josiah Livingston story came to mind immediately.

It’s a story about a young man who is struggling with a dark secret from his past. During his wedding celebration party, it appears as though he’s killed himself. But upon further investigation, it’s discovered that he’s been murderer.

The story has a very Agatha Christie “whodunit” feel that I really enjoyed.

When I started pouring over the story, however, I thought it might be interesting to change things up a bit.

But I don’t want to give too much of the story away, because I want you all to experience it when you play it!

Be sure to follow along as I give more updates on Turnabout Inheritance –  an Ace Attorney inspired Visual Novel.