Welcome to my latest Programming Adventure!

At this phase of the adventure, I’ve found a BootStrap theme that I like, but I need to modify it to suit my purposes.

Keep reading to see how I’m doing it!

When All Else Fails – BootStrap

Let’s just say that I didn’t have any success when putting my design into HTML and CSS. Maybe it’s because I’m not that good yet. Either way, it wasn’t working out for me, so I knew that I had to go somewhere else for help. And where do you think I went next?

That’s right. BootStrap Cards. Of course, that’s not something you can just integrate into your project without a little work, a fact that I was soon to discover.

Okay, But Seriously, BootStrap Is Really Good


I wasn’t really being fair with BootStrap in that first heading. In fact, I should’ve picked BootStrap as my framework before trying to make it myself. I love its system of columns, rows, and the like.

But I didn’t want just any old BootStrap design, and I especially didn’t want the one that comes right out of the box. So I went hunting and didn’t rest until I found something I liked.

Turns out there aren’t many free BootStrap Card design templates out there, so my search was pretty quick. I basically grabbed the one that looked the nicest and started tweaking it to my liking. Here is the Home Page design:


Notice the different sized cards. This is exactly what I wanted!

I didn’t really understand all of the unique classes at first, but after getting my hands on it for a couple of hours, I was finally able to piece something presentable together. Below is the single profile page:


Excuse the huuuuge picture of Rey!

Now that the Hydrogen Theme has been organized and customized with content, I started on the fourth phase in this Programming Adventure: setting up the Knowledge Base theme in WordPress!

You can read all about that right here. And if you missed the first phase or the second phase, you can click ’em to read ’em.

Until then, Happy Modifying!