Welcome to my latest Programming Adventure!
I’m creating a WordPress Theme and I need to add a few features to make it better. Keep reading to see how it’s gonna get done!

What Features Am I Going to Add?

I didn’t realize this at first, but WordPress is missing a lot of things right out of the gate. I mean, things like Featured Post Images and Excerpts are all functions that exist somewhere, but they have to be initialized. As I poured over the Hydrogen BootStrap design, I knew there were a few things that I needed to add, specifically:

1. Customizing the Comment box
2. Including a Featured Post Image
3. Displaying a short excerpt of the post

Well, Let’s Get to It!

Customizing the Comment Box was probably the hardest. It’s not like there’s a single document that you can just paste your form code into. Nope. The comment feature is buried beneath layers of variables that you have to edit just right in order to make sure you’re going to get the right outcome.

Comment box? Check!


It was something of a miracle, but I managed to find the right variables and replaced small bits of code to make the comment box look beautiful.

After a few tries, I was successful.

Featured Post Image and Excerpt

Adding the Featured Post Image and the Excerpt was exceptionally easier. All I had to do was do a quick Google search (source 1 and source 2), do a little Copy/Paste, and I had the features I wanted!

Here’s the excerpt:


And here’s the Featured Image feature:


Don’t they look pretty?

Now that more features have been added to the theme, I started on the sixth phase in this Programming Adventure: fixing those pesky columns on the Home Page!

You can read all about that right here. And if you missed the first, second, third or fourth phase, what are you waiting for?

Until then, Happy Featuring! (Yep. I just made that a thing.)