golden-reviewWhen I found out that the third book in the Reckless series was finally translated I was so excited! I had been waiting for what felt like forever. I always had the apprehension that this series would end up like the Inkheart series. I loved Inkheart and I actually really liked Inkspell, but Inkdeath wasn’t all that great. This happened with with the Hunger Games and with the Divergent series (see my review for Allegiant here).  Part of the reason is that as those books continued, I grew not to like the main character. I cared nothing for Tris, was annoyed by Katniss, and disliked Meggie. But book 3 out of 5 has not disappointed. The only character I found it hard to like in this book was Fox, which made me sad because I always used to like her.  But I love Jacob, even with his flaws and bad decisions. And Cornelia Funke writes this book in the point of view of multiple characters, so I was invested in the Dark Fairy and even Nerron. I found it odd that the relationship between Nerron and Jacob’s brother was told rather than shown, but I still found it believable. And the Dark Fairy’s quest to snap the Golden Yarn that tied her to Kami’en is pretty sad.

I think Funke’s world building is spectacular. The Mirror World realm continues to come to life in this third book. I’m not really gonna say what this book is about since you would have to read the first two as it’s a continuation of those, but mainly Jacob is again searching for his brother while trying to stop the Alderelves from their plan of returning to the Mirror Realm even though they were banished.

In regards to content, I would rate this for older teens and above. There is mild language and a character is often referred as “fatherless child”. Also there are non-explicit scenes of people sleeping together. This is slightly spoilery but, this is the reason why I don’t like Fox anymore.

In summary, I really like this book, this series, and can’t wait until the fourth one comes out. And I’m glad it is a pentalogy so it’s not done yet! 5 stars out of 5!!