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Review: Allegiant


By Jessica allegiant coverVelez

*Spoiler Alert*

In order for me to review this, I”m going into detail at some points.

Allegiant is the third book in the Divergent trilogy, preceded by Divergent and Insurgent, written by Veronica Roth.  I”ll start with a little background about the other two books.

Beatrice Prior lives in a world divided into factions based on personality types and values:  Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Dauntless, and Amity.  Beatrice grew up in the Abnegation sector, where selflessness is the defining trait.  Upon turning 16, every child must take a test to determines if they should stay in their faction or transfer to another.  Beatrice tests come back as inconclusive (or as Divergent) and she decides to transfer to the Dauntless faction.

The Dauntless are risk takers and take pride in being fearless.  One part of their initiation training is to enter fear simulations (by being administered a serum), to overcome their fears.  Beatrice, who decides to call herself Tris, can manipulate these simulations since she is Divergent.  The first book follows Tris’ training and a hostile takeover by the Erudite faction (they control the Dauntless with a serum and make them kill people), which Tris and her trainer/boyfriend Four are able to stop.

The next book shows the aftermath, trying to get things back in order, overthrow the Erudite, etc., etc.  It ends with a cliffhanger, that basically everything these people knew to be true was a lie.

So, I liked Divergent.  I really did.  Learning about the different factions, seeing Tris’s training and interaction with other initiates.  It was an interesting, enjoyable read.  Roth certainly is not afraid to bring out the traveling shovel of death, though.  Insurgent was not as good, but it was all right.  Tris got a little annoying at points, mostly because I didn’t understand her decisions.  They weren’t always very smart.   But, the twist was promising and I decided to keep reading to see how all this would end.

I guess you might already see where this review is headed, anyway…

The first two books are under Tris’ first person point of view.  So when I got to Chapter Two of Allegiant and saw that it was in Tobias’ (Four’s) point of view, I thought it was weird.  I thought it might have had to do with the fact that Roth had previously sold short stories told from Tobias’ point of view.  Maybe there was a lot of positive feedback and she thought people would like to have more from Tobias’ point of view.  Now, I read the short story and I thought it was cool.  But in Allegiant, I had to use context clues to figure out if it was Tris or Tobias who was speaking.  That is a problem, considering that Tris is a sixteen year old female, and Tobias is an eighteen year old male.  They should not sound the same.

The twist at the end of the second book…didn’t really exist.  Literally, everyone sees a video that says that there is a world outside of theirs that is ravaged by war and that the Divergent are supposed to be sent as an army to help them.  Tris, Four, and a few others travel to “the outside” and are greeted by people who tell them that video was a lie.  What the – ? What just happened?  Although the world is still in the aftermath of a devastating war, the reason the factions were created in Chicago was to basically breed people with pure genes (aka the Divergents).  So no army, no help needed, we just need you ’cause of your genes.

Ok, so whatever, we’ll go with that.  But this book is filled with rebellion after rebellion for what reason I don’t even know.  Characters were acting SO out of, well, character.  It made no sense.  And in the end ***SUPER SPOILER ALERT*** the fact that Tris makes it through a death serum only to get shot and killed on the other side…made no sense.

I’m sorry, I’m sort of upset.  I liked Tris, and Four, and other characters in the first book.  But they weren’t the same people they were in the beginning.  Ok, well, so they shouldn’t stay the same but as far as character development goes, they just got worse as it went along.  I did not even care when Tris died.  At all.  I just thought, what on earth just happened? This doesn’t make any sense!

I was very unsatisfied with this book.  I feel like I can’t even recommend Divergent anymore because I know how it all ends!  Some people think that Tris’ death was so great and beautiful and wonderful and whatever nonsense adjective they want to use but it really was pointless.  She did not need to die.  If someone happens to be watching the movie when I’m nearby, I might just watch it, pretending that I don’t know what fate is awaiting Tris (or hoping the directors will take liberties and make changes, which normally is horrible but in this case might be good). But I’m not spending any money on it.  I’ve already invested enough time and money into this series, just to be let down.


  1. Although I have not physically read the series, I know everything that happens in it, and I was equally shocked and confused to learn of Tris’s death.

    This is more of an analysis than a review, though, as it reveals major spoilers and discusses how you felt about different events within the story. STILL GOOD ANYWAY!

    • Jessica Velez

      April 29, 2014 at 9:47 pm

      You’re right! I was going to do two separate ones, but I ended up just combining the two.

  2. This series sounds really interesting. I like the premise of the story with the world being divided between four factions and the means of being in one. Kinda upsetting to hear this series didn’t turn out well as far as character development goes since I really enjoyed the idea of the story.

    “I had to use context clues to figure out if it was Tris or Tobias who was speaking. That is a problem, considering that Tris is a sixteen year old female, and Tobias is an eighteen year old male. They should not sound the same.”

    Now that had me laughing! Awesome stuff!

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