A few days ago, I had an idea:

Why not make an Instagram account of Phoenix Wright facts?

I’d seen a couple of facts accounts before, but I haven’t really seen too many good ones out there. I thought it’d be interesting to give it a try.

I went on canva.org and set up a template for how I wanted the images to look.

Then, I researched some facts – and by some, I mean a whole lot! I have over fifty facts that just need to be researched and reworded, with more in an undeveloped idea section.

I started the account (@phoenixwright.facts) on May 19, 2016.

That first day, I posted five facts (just to get the account rolling).

From then on, I will be posting 2 facts a day, one at noon-ish and another at 7pm-ish.

I’m doing a bit of experimenting with hashtags, following people, etc.

My goal is to follow a whole bunch of people, just to start getting my feet wet. As the page starts to grow, I’ll definitely have to weed some people out. Mainly just people who aren’t really interested.

Which is all good. Most of the people that I’ve followed, however, create PW related content, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of it.

I have a personal Instagram account, but I never really use it. And by never, I mean that I don’t have anything on it at all.

I wanted to give something like this a go.

So I did. And so far, it’s pretty fun.

I’ll check back in 1 month, to see where I am with the page.

Here are a few of my favorite posts so far:



I really like this one 🙂



The Steel Samurai!