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The Golden Yarn

golden-reviewWhen I found out that the third book in the Reckless series was finally translated I was so excited! I had been waiting for what felt like forever. I always had the apprehension that this series would end up like the Inkheart series. I loved Inkheart and I actually really liked Inkspell, but Inkdeath wasn’t all that great. Continue reading

Phoenix Wright Facts

A few days ago, I had an idea:

Why not make an Instagram account of Phoenix Wright facts?

I’d seen a couple of facts accounts before, but I haven’t really seen too many good ones out there. I thought it’d be interesting to give it a try.

I went on and set up a template for how I wanted the images to look.

Continue reading

Open Minds

open-reviewOpen Minds, by Susan Kaye Quinn, takes place in the year 2110, where most people gain the ability to read minds during adolescence. Those who don’t gain this ability are known as “zeroes”. Kira is a sixteen year old who has not “changed” and is resigned to the life of a zero: someone who is not trusted since their minds cannot be read, someone who will never have an important job and who is one step above the unfortunates who couldn’t deal with hearing everyone’s thoughts and are now demens. Continue reading

Review: Allegiant


By Jessica allegiant coverVelez

*Spoiler Alert*

In order for me to review this, I”m going into detail at some points.

Allegiant is the third book in the Divergent trilogy, preceded by Divergent and Insurgent, written by Veronica Roth.  I”ll start with a little background about the other two books.

Beatrice Prior lives in a world divided into factions based on personality types and values:  Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Dauntless, and Amity.  Beatrice grew up in the Abnegation sector, where selflessness is the defining trait.  Upon turning 16, every child must take a test to determines if they should stay in their faction or transfer to another.  Beatrice tests come back as inconclusive (or as Divergent) and she decides to transfer to the Dauntless faction. Continue reading

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