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Making a Visual Novel – Week 2 Update

Creating a production schedule is one thing – sticking to it is a completely other ball game. I think we gave ourselves a seven week deadline for each game. I don’t know if its enough time, but it’s the time we’re trying to make it happen.

Because this is a visual novel, most of the work has to go into the story. For a game of this size, I wanted to give the story as much room to breathe as possible.

You can sit in front of the computer for hours, writing lines of code and trying to piece everything together. But you can’t really sit in front of the computer and write story for hours. That’s just not feasible.

At least, not for me.

I get burnt out very quickly if I try to do something like that. And I love to write stories. The ideas just don’t flow well after a certain period of time, so I need to step back and give the project a chance to breathe before I attack it again.

For the first draft, I wanted to finish it as quickly as possible, and then spend the whole next week just working on the rewrite. I find that if I spend too much time editing, I’ll never get to the end, and that’s not what I wanted to happen. This game has an end in mind, and I wanted to reach that end as quickly as possible.

I honestly didn’t think that the rest of the production would be that difficult. It’d be repetitive, and a bit tedious, but with all of the creative stuff out of the way, it’d be a whole lot easier.

The last time I tried to make a visual novel, I failed because I was programming the game at the same time that I was writing the story.

Interestingly enough, the story of this game is that very story – with a few twists that I’ll be writing about next time.

Be sure to follow along as I give more updates on Turnabout Inheritance –  an Ace Attorney inspired Visual Novel.