Acts of the Apostles is a game that I’m currently creating with my brother and father. I like to call it an open world fetch-quest simulator. Okay, that’s not entirely true, but that’s what I thought of when I started creating the concept for it.

I wanted to do a game where you play as a believer in the early church. It was going to be made in RPG Maker MV, but I didn’t want it to be an RPG.

I used to go to a church called Christ Fellowship Miami, and in 2012, they launched a new campaign of sorts, in which they were going to reach 100,000 people for Christ by the year 2020. I liked the idea of a game where you went out and spread the Gospel. But how can you do that in a video game?

I decided to focus on another thing that’s huge in Christ Fellowship and that is – serving. You’re encouraged to go out and serve within the church, but you’re also encouraged to reach beyond the four walls and serve the city of Miami.

I knew that I wanted this story to take place exclusively in Jerusalem, so I decided that in this game we were going to serve the city of Jerusalem.

I guess you could say that this game is a CF Miami game – I don’t think they have one of those yet. I could re-skin the whole thing and put in sky scrapers and make a different level for each campus. Or I could have you choose a campus and then choose a Ministry to serve in, and you could do a few things…

Okay, let me stop. Now you see how my brain works. It takes an idea and it just runs with it!

So that’s where the idea for the game came from. We’ll talk more in depth on the gameplay elements next time. See you then!