answer-my-prayer-01Answer My Prayer, Sid Hite. 1995.

This book is historically bad.

And by “historically bad”, I mean that it’s been known to be terrible in our house for years.

It’s not even our book: my sister got it in 8th grade and never got a chance to return it before we moved to Puerto Rico.

For a while, she never let me read it, saying it was “terrible”.

The story was lame and the romance was laughable.

And she was right.

At least, that’s what I thought at first.

When I started thinking about books to revisit, Answer My Prayer was the first one to come to mind.

Like I said before, it’s hands down the worst book in my family’s library.

But when I started reading it for this post, I was surprised.

It wasn’t really all that bad.

The prose was pretty decent, and I found myself interested in the world of jeefwood trees and artisans.

The main character, Lydia, was about as dumb as any YA heroine, but that was to be expected.

Overall, the story was predictable, but it was shaping up to be interesting, to say the least.

Then the angels appeared, and everything took a different turn.

I had a hard time understanding the religious system of this book.

At first, it’s said that there isn’t any religious system: everyone just believes whatever they want to believe.

But then there’s a whole backdrop of angels who earn their wings and grant the wishes of people with “true feeling”.

There’s a “god” who gives said wings, but he isn’t really mentioned much.

The angels can travel to earth freely and manipulate the human world to make people’s prayers come true.


What I don’t understand is this: why go to great lengths to say that there’s no spiritual realm, when such a realm exists?

It wasn’t really a big deal, but it was something I wondered about. How Lydia could know about a spiritual realm that no one really believed existed?

I didn’t really like the angel character (so much so that his name escapes me) and I felt like the story probably could’ve done well without his inclusion.

The Verdict

Answer My Prayer wasn’t really all that bad.

It wasn’t written poorly, although the story did leave a little something to be desired.

Would I read the book again, or recommend someone else to read it?

Probably not.