Star Wars: The Clone Wars came out in 2008. It’s an animated film that takes place between Episodes II and III.

star-wars-obi-wan-eyelashI first watched the Clone Wars when it came out way back in 2008.

We didn’t go to the movies to see it (at least, I don’t recall going), but we most definitely had a copy of it for a few years. I remember my mother putting the movie on to entertain some kids at the Internet Café we owned, so I’m guessing we must’ve at least had a download somewhere.

It’s hard to know what I thought of the movie when it first came out because I didn’t keep a record of anything like that. I did, however, keep a record of what I thought about the TV series that followed the movie: I hated it.

I thought the animation was ugly and I didn’t like the way the characters moved. I thought it was super cheesy and I didn’t think any of it was funny at all. Of course, that was back when I didn’t recognize the silliness of all Star Wars movies, so you can’t fault me for thinking this new stuff didn’t match up to the glory that is Star Wars.

I must’ve watched the movie a grand total of two times. That’s probably the surest sign that I didn’t really like it.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Revisited

I watched the movie again the week after Christmas 2015. My brothers and I wanted to watch the movie, but my grandparents were watching TV at the same time. So, we set up the TV that’s been chilling in my brothers’ room and watched it there. Because their room is so small, they curled up  on their bunkbeds while I sat dangerously close to the screen. But it was worth it.

The movie was super entertaining. It was funny and lighthearted at all the right moments. There was just enough plot to keep the story interesting, but it wasn’t as dense as some of the other movies, which is saying a lot.

The music was great (but, I mean, it’s a Star Wars film, so what did you expect?) and the voice acting was top quality as well.

The animation was actually pretty surprising. Every character looked like the actor that portrayed them in the movies, but with their own unique twists. The overall art style was very blocky, but it fit pretty

I enjoyed the new characters that were introduced, and even though Ahsoka Tano was a whole lot like Anakin, it was nice to see both of their characters develop beyond what we already know of them.

Of course, you must always watch with a touch of sadness because you know what’s coming next for these characters. The Clone Troopers are gonna turn evil, Anakin’s gonna turn evil, and all the Jedi are gonna die.


Man, this turned dark really fast.

The Verdict

It was a good movie. I enjoyed it. The new characters were interesting, the art style was different but not terrible, and the story was about as good as the rest of the Star Wars saga.

If you’ve never seen it, give it a chance, if only to experience a part of Star Wars history (aka the Clone Wars) that has only ever been inferred up until now.

Have you seen Star Wars: The Clone Wars, either recently or some time in the past? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!