inheritance-01For her latest independent project, Audrey Assad made an album of hymns.

I’m very big into funding artists that I love from before they even start making the music. Whenever I get the chance, I put some money down, even if it’s only $10. However, I found out about this campaign pretty late in the process, so I wasn’t around for any of the voting that took place. Also, I got to it too late to put more money for some of the cooler rewards (simply because, by that time, I didn’t have any more cash to spend).

But I’ve always loved Audrey Assad, so I put money down knowing that the album was going to be awesome and I would love it.

I wasn’t wrong.

That follows this isn’t a formal review – it’s more of my reaction to hearing the album during the first week. It’s a breakdown of each song and what I thought of them.

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