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Month: February 2016

Your Worst Story Is Probably Your Best

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I was recently going through my old files, and the first thing I noticed was the sheer amount of stories that I have created.

They were poorly written, didn’t make any sense, and probably didn’t get past a few pages.

Every time I came across them, I was just reminded of the fact that I’m an incompletionist: I start things, but I never complete them.

Something was different about this time, though.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars came out in 2008. It’s an animated film that takes place between Episodes II and III.

star-wars-obi-wan-eyelashI first watched the Clone Wars when it came out way back in 2008.

We didn’t go to the movies to see it (at least, I don’t recall going), but we most definitely had a copy of it for a few years. I remember my mother putting the movie on to entertain some kids at the Internet Café we owned, so I’m guessing we must’ve at least had a download somewhere.

It’s hard to know what I thought of the movie when it first came out because I didn’t keep a record of anything like that. I did, however, keep a record of what I thought about the TV series that followed the movie: I hated it.

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Reaction: Inheritance – Audrey Assad

inheritance-01For her latest independent project, Audrey Assad made an album of hymns.

I’m very big into funding artists that I love from before they even start making the music. Whenever I get the chance, I put some money down, even if it’s only $10. However, I found out about this campaign pretty late in the process, so I wasn’t around for any of the voting that took place. Also, I got to it too late to put more money for some of the cooler rewards (simply because, by that time, I didn’t have any more cash to spend).

But I’ve always loved Audrey Assad, so I put money down knowing that the album was going to be awesome and I would love it.

I wasn’t wrong.

That follows this isn’t a formal review – it’s more of my reaction to hearing the album during the first week. It’s a breakdown of each song and what I thought of them.

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Udemy Review: The Complete Web Developer Course

udemy-logoThe Complete Web Developer Course is a Udemy Course that aims to teach you everything you need to know about web development. The course follows an ebook written by Rob Percival, purporting to help you earn $10,000 while learning to code.

During the summer of 2015, I spent about three hours a day working on this course. I made the decision to move into the web development / coding / whatever you call it, and this was the first course my father purchased. When I decided to do reviews on Udemy Courses, this was the best choice to start with.


There are a lot of reasons why I didn’t like this course, but there were also a few good things that I’d like to point out in this review.

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Top 3 Writing Moments of 2015

#3 – When I made a fire metaphor that everyone thought was literal.

I started writing “Ms. Kerri” back in 2014, but it never really took shape until March 2015. I had graduated from college a few months before, and I was still feeling very much like an English Major.

When it came to write the opening scene for the story, I decided to go with a metaphor, likening a sibling argument to the start of a devastating fire. However, the language was kinda vague (okay, in retrospect, it was totally vague) and 100% of the readers were confused.

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