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The Wall: S1 Episode 1

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Twelve men stood abreast in front of the strong stone wall that separated Aversano from the Hill Country, watching. Always watching. Laws prohibited the men from scaling the wall, but their object was never to climb, it was only to watch. To watch for movement, for a breach, for a defector, for anything that would give them an excuse to satisfy their curiosity and peer over the ominous stone blocks. They stood by the wall every day from mid-afternoon till the sun disappeared behind the lavender horizon, oblivious to the young eyes that watched their backs, wondering what was so important about this huge wall.

Special guards, hired by the company that commissioned the construction of the wall, patrolled the perimeter day in and day out, giving the wall watchers a reason to feel fright. They stood a foot taller than most men, with muscles bulging from massive forearms, torsos, and legs. Dressed in pure white garments, they held no weapon in their hand, as theirs was not the way of violence. Every so often, a guard would pass by the spot where the men stood, watching the wall. Seeing their plight, he drew close to the first man, and rested a firm hand on the man’s shoulder.

“Come back with me,” he said gently. “Away from the wall.” Then, with a little more urgency in his voice: “There is nothing to see here.”

The first man looked up at the guard clad in white and immediately turned away, fearing a harsh rebuke or severe punishment. The guard merely stepped aside to let him pass, and then moved on to the next man.

A hand on the man’s shoulder, the guard repeated his plea to the first man.

“Come back with me. Away from the wall. There is nothing to see here.”

One by one, at the guard’s encouragement, the men began to drift away from the wall, back to their homes deep within the town of Aversano, back to their families and careers, their curiosity quelled for the moment. They never imagined they would be back at the wall again, but the guards knew, and they would remain on patrol, waiting. Patiently waiting.

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  1. Hawk_Soltaire

    May 7, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    The whole scenario is very interesting. What’s up with the wall? Why aren’t they allowed to cross the wall? Who put it there? Why aren’t there any women standing by the wall? Why are the little kids watching them from afar? Are they doing something wrong? There are so many questions that I want answered!

    I think that we’re going to end up reading a story about a person that tries to make it over the wall. Hopefully, we’ll get to see what’s so bad about the other side.

    I liked how the guards were very patient with the men, knowing that they would be back the next day, even if the men didn’t know it themselves.

  2. Aversano appears to be a secluded village that is afraid of whatever is located beyond “The Wall.” The special guards have an important role in protecting the people from even thinking about the Hill country and they don’t take their job lightly.
    Based upon the setup of the story, I think that someone will try to climb this wall in order to see the Hill Country for what it is, not for what it is said to be.
    I like the repetition used for the guards’ speech, such as “…watching. Always watching,” and “…waiting. Patiently waiting.”

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