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The Watchtower: Episodes 4-6: Behind the Scenes

How are you guys doing? The response to the first Behind the Scenes post was great (if you haven’t read it, check it out: Episodes 1-3 Behind the Scenes). I went through the next set of episodes, and I’ve got a whole bunch more for you. 🙂

Episode 4: Quarantine

“It’s too dangerous for you to go alone!”
This is a half-reference, coming from The Legend of Zelda, which says “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

Episode 5: I So Hate Consequences

“Who are we to question the government?”
Jamison is not being serious right now. He’s being totally sarcastic. Just putting that out there.

Lincoln saw a few kids riding their bikes in the street. Had the government agent told them about the quarantine? He wondered if he should tell them, but thought better of it. Wouldn’t want to get into any more trouble around here. The association and the security guards already know me by name. Knowing them, they’d spin it into something terrible just to get me locked out of the quarantine.
This whole scene comes from a story I wrote way back called Dead Man. In the story, the main character, Dyrk, runs into a kid riding a bike and the kid accuses him of doing bad things to other kids.

Episode 6: Detour

“Good evening, sir. You’ve heard of the quarantine?”
This scene comes from a dream I had shortly after starting this series. In the dream, our neighborhood was quarantined due to a strange explosion which left tons of people dead and only one survivor: me. At one point, my sister and I are trying to leave the area, but they stop us to ask some questions and look at ID.

They drive on the US-1. That’s a real place. And those are real directions that Lincoln gives in the story.

The house smelled of eggs because the pipes still weren’t used to running water through them…
When we moved to our first house in Florida, it smelled of eggs. They said it was because the pipes weren’t used to running water. And thus, this sentence was born.

But the future came too soon and swallowed up their hopes and dreams, leaving behind the bones of chaos and destruction.
This is nothing in particular, other than a sentence I enjoy.

“You married a dreamer, didn’t you, Lyn?”
I wrote a short story called “Older Sister” in 2013. In this story, one of the characters says that she’s wouldn’t be a good home school teacher for her son because she’s a dreamer. Of course, she would be a great teacher, but she’s just hurting so bad that she’ll use any excuse.

“I married a man with direction and purpose.”
This is said by Lyn. Interestingly, this is the reason why Rosemarie is going out with Soren. Maybe the two sisters have more in common than they realize.

They make a right turn to get on 248th Street. Those who know where they are going will realize that they are going to pass Christ Fellowship Redland. And it would be a shame if they didn’t stop there, wouldn’t it?

“We’ll find your sister, Lincoln. It doesn’t matter if we have to go right in the middle of a quarantine or an infected area. We will find her.”
This is the turning point in Lincoln’s relationship with Toby. Here is where he starts to see that Toby is an honest man, trying to do what is right and falling short sometimes. These are the first steps in the two becoming allies.


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  1. Jessica Velez

    May 23, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    These Behind the scenes are great. It’s cool to see how even pieces from other stories you’ve written will appear.

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