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Love: A Reverse Poem


By: Priscilla Velez


Love is something to be treated loosely

I will no longer believe that

Love is precious and eternal

I believe

Love is momentary

How can you say

“The world moves for love”

In fact

Love is unreachable

I disagree with when I used to say that

“Love is a fire burning in my heart that can’t be extinguished”


Can be destroyed by


I am now sure

Love is deceiving and unrealistic

And I now know that there is no way that

“Love was just around the corner”

I couldn’t forget if I wanted to

Who brought me to this realization

It was someone who I once loved

(Now read in reverse)

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  1. Wow, that was really cool and creative the way you designed this poem! This is the first time I ever seen something like this.

  2. Haha. Thanks Alex, glad you liked it. It took a long while to get it to all work together.

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