[fusion_text]Esther Velez

Missing: A Metroid FanFic

Probably one of my favorite fan fictions, mainly because the idea came in late 2008, I started writing it with my brother in 2011, and I finally finished it sometime in June of this year. Very fun story, and it showcases a few of the writing techniques I have developed over time, including bridging the gap between the past and present with dialogue.[/fusion_text][blog number_posts=”” offset=”” cat_slug=”missing-a-metroid-fanfic” exclude_cats=”” title=”yes” title_link=”yes” thumbnail=”yes” excerpt=”yes” excerpt_length=”35″ meta_all=”no” meta_author=”no” meta_categories=”no” meta_comments=”yes” meta_date=”no” meta_link=”yes” meta_tags=”yes” paging=”no” scrolling=”load_more_button” strip_html=”yes” blog_grid_columns=”3″ blog_grid_column_spacing=”40″ layout=”grid” class=”” id=””][/blog]